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During an interview, a candidate recently asked me why, after more than five years, I still work at Automattic.

Why? I like the people I work with, and they alone are a good reason to stay. Being globally distributed means I get to work with colleagues from various backgrounds. This helps me understand first-hand what’s happening where they live. But the key is, I never get bored here.

There has always been another opportunity to grow. At Automattic, I have worked on a range of data science projects from building tools for hypothesis testing to making domain name recommendations. Becoming a team lead and working with a coach were different kinds of growth opportunities. And recently, I joined the Tumblr team. Now, I get to work on a completely different product without changing employers!

Tumblr connects people over shared interests such as studying, gender fluidity, or the

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By Sirin Odrowski

Data Science and Engineering Manager at Automattic

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