Working in a fully distributed company (Automattic), I already write a lot. But I still want to do more of it and this blog is where I want to share my thoughts on working with data in crossfunctional and distributed teams.

My educational background is in Physics and I first got to touch big data during my PhD. At that time, I was part of an international collaboration of scientists who built and operated the neutrino telescope IceCube, and used the data it collected for research in astrophysics.

I joined Automattic soon after leaving academia and have been part of our Data organization ever since. As an individual contributor, I worked on a variety of data science topics like A/B testing, search and recommendations. As a lead of a crossfunctional team, I am responsible for all aspects of my team’s work from engineering over product and project management to people development. I am now excited to start sharing that responsibility with others and help them fill that role.

If you want to get in contact, you can find me on LinkedIn or use the contact form below.